Streamix (MIXS) Final and 3rd Public Sale on Bounce <> 26 Hour Sale

Hi community, all 4 of pools have received a great response and still yielding high APYs.
on ValueDeFi

With that we have launched the final stage of our bounce auction that will be live for next 26 hours

To honor our partnership with Value DeFI and the support we have received from the community we will be awarding 5 community members 500 MIXS and one of the NFTs from DontBuyMeme each. Please read the below article for more details and Happy farming :ear_of_rice:

Streamix Sale final Stage
As announced on our telegram channel, we will be concluding MIXS token sale with the final stage starting. Visit us on Telegram.

Dear Crypto Currencies Traders:

We had some unforeseen issues with a duplicate and unverified Streamix (MIXS) on Uniswap, and so, we’re extending this token sale for another 24 hours on Bounce here:
This sale will help to facilitate those you bought the wrong MIXS tokens.

Join our ultra high yield liquidity farming on ValueDefi: