What the hell is happening?

You raised investments from such notable funds and people and your platform is just a cheap scam!

this is the address from ALICE auction provider

I send 5.9 ETH.

Luckly I know all of your investors and I ll speak with them.

How do you plan to compensate for scam allowed on your platform?

so where is the team?

How fuck do you put logos of such funds as Parafi as your supporters in case the platform is full of scam? and no one can help its users?

I ll just text to all the funds which invested in this scammy platform to tell them wtf is going on

Sergey, you did not properly inform yourself.

The official contract address of ALICE is:

The token you bought is a scam. I’m not sure how you think crypto works but here’s a heads up:

  • ICO/IDO’s are first published on the social media platform e.g. Twitter by the official team
  • If an ICO/IDO is offered BEFORE the official date, there’s a high chance that it’s scam.

Since we are both using Etherscan, you can also detect scam if

  • no preview image is set
  • the token name is not given
  • There are no social media profiles linked

Here the screenshot of the fake ALICE token:

The real ALICE token

Inform yourself first. Trust no one.

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The problem is we trust in
Thats why we buy without researche about any token mr mick

The problem is we trust in
Thats why we buy without researche about any token

Thanks a lot for a detailed reply.

I know how the crypto works, thanks. Pretty active in the DeFi space since 2019.

I just didn’t expect that so simple and straightforward scam was possible on a platform with such a list of supporters. Leading US funds support Bounce which is crowded by scammers. Ridiculous.

Noone checks contracts when investing on Coinlist, right?

For my neighbour alice - I didn’t find the mechanics of how the sale of effectively forward contracts on SAFT tokens worked, but I assumed that the PROPOSER of such auction is just somehow verified by the platform.

Yes, that’s why I thought that Parafi Blockchain Capital and the others invested in Bounce because Bounce has a solution for this!

Why cant Bounce make an automatic check of the contracts when someone put an offer on the auction?

I am very much dissapinted from loosing my money. Will never use Bounce. Will always mention that Bounce team attitude everywhere I can (you can blame me for not checking the contract, but see the forum - it is full of complaints on the scams and non of complaints was even addressed / answered)


Hope Bounce team enjoys people loosing money.

Have no idea why did they launch this product and not even answering the questions.

Very very much upset and will def contact all the private round investors I know to raise this issue in front of them (looks like they dont fully understand what they invested into)

P.S. by verification I dont mean KYC obviously, but an automated wallet chec and TX check can be definitely done, so as the proposer confirms his/her ownership of ALICE tokens.

and if the proposer cant confirm the ownership, he/her is not allowed to post the offer

You can blame me for not checking the contract but seriously, why the team cant implement the CONTRACTS check up (not the token name, but the contracts)

Mick - The problem here is that as a platform, Bounce cannot just wash its hands of corruption. I agree with Sergey’s point here…a basic scan can be done.

Bounce needs to be a part of the solution, not just wash your hands. If bounce isn’t doing anything to help improve trust and/or help rectify, then bounce is part of the problem - the forums, word of mouth ,and cyber crimes divisions will see it this way.