Scammed by Sand Swap,

Hello, we got scammed on SAND SWAP, me personally for 10 BNB
The sale was on Bounce:

Here is the address from the scammer with almost all BNBs in it

  1. Maybe you have more contact details for this person, so we can file and hunt him. He filed for this sale, any personal info, mails, socials etc?
  2. Any support on his wallet to block?
  3. How is it to avoid situations like this in Bounce in the future in order not to harm your reputation?
    Maybe escrow account with some of your admins, vesting release etc?

feel free to contact me directly via Telegram, @verwuesteter

Strange that you guys are NOT interested to help((( it is harming Bounce image a lot, if there is NO support(
Filed with Binance too