Scammed allowed by

I purchased polk and udo tokens on bouncefinance. They were fake tokens. Why is listing allowed without checking? How will I get my money back?

Transaction Hash:
Please help me.

Youtube is allowing a fake ad to run on BitBoys channel under his videos
deceiving all his followers

The link poses as a BitBoy :mega: ARBITRAGE ALERTS :mega: telegram group
And invites you to join arbitrage alerts group with 150k followers

the telegram group is convincing, it sends you
to this auction on Bounce Finance selling fake LINK

where you appear to be able to buy LINK at an arbitrage price
when you buy some, it actually showed up in my coinbase wallet as having the real and accurate USD value. (can anyone elaborate or guess how?)
This caused me to think it was real and worked, and I bought more, a total of $8000 usd worth
The entire time my USD balance would increase with value for something labeled LINK
When i went to send it to my coinbase exchange, to my LINK address it of course never arrived

etherscan shows at least 800 people have been scammed so far
yes yes call me an idiot. i had NO IDEA youtube would allow such scams
pages and pages of complaints exist on Bounces website about this scam LITERALLY FOR WEEKS NOW
with zero response from the Bounce Team. unbelievable. they literally ignore the countless reports of this scam

Shame on the Bounce team: Chandler Song, Co-founder and CEO of ANKR
and Jack Lu
hiding behind “we are decentralized” DYOR and scamming 1000s of people.

a decentralized platform cannot remove scams but it is able to have certified ido`s

ignoring scams for weeks on end…anyone interested in a lawsuit? I personally would chip in. I highly doubt the “we are decentralized” will not hold up in court. There are at least 800 known victims so far. I find it disgusting that Bounce allows this
Scammers info: