SCAM allowed to remain on the platform

Why are scam allowed to remain active.
How do I get my eth back?

Got scammed for 1.4eth for LINK tokens that are fake!!!
Contract 0x73282A63F0e3D7e9604575420F777361ecA3C86A

What can I do?

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hey did you get anywhere with retrieving your funds?

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same. got scammed…would be nice to get a response. Doubt they will ever be able to do anything, but a response would be nice


same thing has happened to me

this site is a scam…i want my ETH back pls

i used the above and the link i got is of 0xfE353a191230FFCEa5d2c7b5b8fc169fd71ADF8c which is not a valid link

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I got caught with the same thing, would love for someone to figure something out or see some kind of response from Bounce

Yeh same happened to me, Bounce should refund anyone who got scammed because we expect them to vet what is on their website, i have tweeted them, does anyone know how it can be escalated outside of Bounce. Perhaps contact influencers and publicize how poor bounce have been in resolving this

well … vetting might be a task with so many applications … BUT when someone reports a scam … it should be suspended immediately … OR REFUND US!!!

I’ll personally never use the platform again based on how this is handled

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Im going to highlight this, as people have said the scam was reported a while ago and nothing was done, perhaps retweet my tweet, im not going to let this go:

I’ve got scammed with 2 ETH on Polkamarkets fake pool and I’m still shocked how they allow run scam pools on this platform and not doing anything. They are stating they’ve been running safe verified pools but still let people get scammed and lose their funds. Disgusting

Same - I got scammed by Klyin Network post. The now have the that got me going on Page 2 and a new Kylin scam on page 1.

How is this ok?

I got scammed out of 120 LINK + 184 LINK !!

The original promoter of this scam, in my case, posts a telegram page right next to "theMoon"s youtube channel window. They even use "The Moon"s profile logo.
In fact, they’re obviously totally unrelated!

smart contract:

It happens so quick …
Nearly got caught by a “send tokens to this giveaway and get double back” … which is obviously to good to be true but they get the profiles, icons, web pages looking legit and temptation … well does its thing …

So many fake coins as well floating around Exchanges … but thats decentralized for you