Refund for erthereum

can you please give me back my 3 ETH from your fixed link token you promised but turned out to be fake chainlink.

0x498483dfd005df097d6e84af6e7f79f7e6eeb71c you can send back my 3 ETH on this address.

I also lost 1.2 ETH sent from my ETH address: 0x2263b57D81B7FEC9Cb672518B5fC6996Ec17f1A6 on Friday the 18th of this month 2021. I received fake LINK Tokens and have been working with support for 2 days. They finally said I needed to go back to where I had exchanged the ETH to get assistance with recovery. I lost over 2k. Can you please assist? My transaction details are attached.