Presale Scam / Urgent / Funds Security

I have been using your Platform from long time to participate in the presale auction. But recently I and some of the users have been facing some problems which caused us to be aware from using your platform. I am expressing my and some of the other users feedback below.
These days there are lot of new projects coming in crypto space. Some of them are very genuine but most of them are scam. They are create to loot the hard earned money from your platform users pocket to their pocket. To name one yesterday i got scammed by one presale which happened on your platform called “SPACEMAN.FINANCE”. After presale they deleted all the groups and website which were created to attract the public. They rugged for about 250 BNB, which is not a small amount. What concerns me is this is happening now on daily basis and lot of people are losing their hard earned money in these scan since they are new people who are not aware of all these things. This create a bad impression about blockchain technology and is itself a crime.
Since the scammers are using your platform to scam, you can not run away from your responsibility of protecting your users saying it is a decentalised process.
I would like to suggest my humble request in the form of suggestion please start strict KYC of the CEO of the project to establish the genuineness of the project. If the team is really genuine about the project they will verify their identity. But if they have some malicious intents they may try to refrain from doing so. This way if not all atlest many of the scam projects can be filtered out. Since these days no one knows the identity of the scammers we can’t do anything, but if you gave serious thought to it the authority can be provided with atlest some information which can be used to identify and punish the criminals.
I humbly request you to look into this matter and kindly take step to protect your users from financial scams.

Thanks & Regards,
Your User.

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I tried to go onto bounce token group chat on Telegram but then a guy named Andy messaged me and told me he is the group leader and gotta need my ETH address . What is the bounce finance key people doing?