PLEASE HELP. Swapped ETH for LINK but funds did not go to Binance wallet

I’m reaching out for your help guys, please read my message.

I used the Bounce DEX to swap ETH to LINK but I find myself without my investment (2K) which is a lot of money for me (I’m new to crypto)…

Everything went well, I used my trust wallet to connect to the bounce platform, I received the LINK token all good, I could see the balance on my Trust wallet. Then I sent them to Binance to sell them against ETH but the deposit showed up on Binance, although the transaction appears as “success” on Etherscan.

Can you please help me, guys? I’m very sorry to bother you with that but I sent messages to Trust Wallet and Binance support but no one came back to me yet.

Thanks a lot.

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The same happend to me. Did you resolve that somehow?

Yes, we got scammed mate, as easy as that!

Very sorry to hear that you got done also…

Happened to me as well. It’s disgraceful that Bounce allow this to happen. There are dozens of people that have been scammed over many months

Any clues how to get in touch with Bounce?

Did it happen with the auction nr5019 wher you can swap 1 ETH for 80 link?

Hello, trying to help but I’m not part of the team.

@Pierre: Can you please explain if you used any auction to swap tokens (if yes, provide url). Another possibility is that you received fake LINK tokens. Can you please provide your wallet address or the LINK contract address?

@Tibak @PrintGUy: Same goes for you two.

@cooltrader: First impression is that this is scam. There’s no way that you can buy 80 LINK worth $2,400 for 1 ETH ($1,700)

Please be aware of things like that. Do your own research, don’t trust anyone blindly. :mag:


Thanks for making contact - I have been scammed, they are fake LINK tokens with no value
I am stupid for falling for this but as a newbie I am open to this sort of crap.
I know I should have checked more carefully but it is incredible that Bounce don’t have better due diligence.
There would seem to be quite a few who have fallen for this.
I got so cross that I have deleted most things - here’s the Etherscan page

same thing. Not sure if anything we can do at this point.

The problem is we trust in
Thats why we buy without researche about any token
mr mick

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Hi Mick, thanks for getting in touch mate.

Please see below the contract address of the running scam:

I suppose that even if we get the tokens back, they have no value so…

Learning the hard way! Never mind, I’ll make it back by smart investment next time!

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Yes, I’m sorry you lost your cryptocurrency @PrintGUy & @bobm.

I believe that there’s no way to get a refund since Bounce does only offer the platform. But yes, they should enhance the platform by adding warning banners for potential scam and possibly a guide that allows the user to make sure that it’s legit.

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@Pierre Sure thing mate. You can report the address on Etherscan but this would also require a codebase update from the devs in terms of implementing a feature that marks the auction as a potential scam. I will create a topic regarding this matter and get in touch with the devs, if possible.

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@Pierre Guide for scam validation and what you can do

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Thanks Mick. I would have thought that the developers and sponsors of Bounce.Finance would have wanted to keep some control of what goes on in their channel. This scam appears to have been going on for some time and is still ongoing
I guess one has to get hurt to learn but I doubt that I will swap anything across this platform again and I am suspicious of anything connected to their backers


Yes sure, makes total sense @Oyibo. Like I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Unfortunately, we don’t hear about the Bounce team here, nor am I getting any reply from them on Twitter.

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I got scammed the same way
Here’s a link to the scammer swap

And this is where it came from on telegram

They got me too two weeks ago. I just screwed up and didnt check the contract address for the tokens. I do have a question tho that maybe you can answer. Why is it that most of the swaps i check all have a different contract address for the token? Chainlink, Mina, Covalent, Clover etc. Is everything on Bounce a scam? It sure looks that way to me.

Got scammed yesterday 08/10, I got my LINKS (100 LINKS) into my Metamask Wallet, but It could not be transferred to Binance account.

How Can Bounce help with this ? I have Ether scan Proof of the 2 transactions.

Thanks for any help

please return all my 3 ethereum you exchanged it with fake chain link tokens. here’s my transaction:

  1. June 11, 2021

  2. June 11, 2021


  1. June 13, 2021


please return it back to my ethereum address:


Yes, Please help… I auctioned 1.2 ETH and received 165.5 LINK, or what I thought was LINK, and sent from MetaMask to They spent 2 days reviewing and I just got word that this is an unsupported version of LINK and to reach out to the Exchange - which is here. Can you please assist?

Nicolaus Galanffy