Please give my auction back

I transferred my about 50 AUCTION crypto from Binance to UPBIT.
I transferred it through BSC network (since it revealed no error message or anything) but since UPBIT doesn’t support BSC network my coin has gone. I’m sure it can be recovered with your help.
ALL the developers, managers, or people related to Bounce community PLEASE contact me to get my 50 coins back.
e-mail :

Unfortunately, this is not any of the Bounce’s team concerns. If YOU transferred 50 AUCTION without ticking the correct chain, then it’s also YOUR fault.

It’s unfortunate, but neither the Bounce team nor Binance or UpBit are responsible to take any action.

All the best to you.

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could you please help me with some technical advice to get my AUCTION back??..
What is the best way to get my AUCTION back??

Write UpBit an email or check if you find the admin in the UpBit Telegram channel. But be aware that there are scammers / fake profiles, that copy the admins. Never send them any cryptocurrency. Also send them your details like your ID (if existing), your sender address and stuff like that.

But don’t bet on getting your AUCTION back. I also guess that the transaction went through so you don’t have the option to reverse the transaction at this point.

All the best

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As a admin, could you please send me 50 AUCTION coins in terms of damage relief of a Bounce community user?..

I tried all of what you mentioned…

Not an admin, also not responsible for your actions and therefore not responsible for any of your so called “damage relief”

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I was scammed by this bounce auction:

Transaction ID:

I will like to request for refunds please

Scammers are damaging your name big time, or this bounce defi is made specifically to defraud?