Participate in the Dora Factory failed cost more than 1eth gas fee

hi dear bounce team : I participate in the Dora Factory auction. the transaction failed but cost more than 1 eth gas fee? why this happend? Transaction Hash is 0x289bc211ad1cd98b3386cfa435250d67c9ba28c97a5dd1d08dbf4d0e928af61a ,please check out.

Etherscan Link:

Fail with error ‘SafeERC20: low-level call failed’

This error is usually due to the nonce that is being used by your web3 wallet, when creating a transaction to send. It means that the nonce being used is not correct, as the Ethereum node your wallet is communicating with indicates that there is a more recent transaction (with a higher nonce). Here is a good overview of nonces in Ethereum transactions.

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Bad instruction]

This error occurs if you have approved more tokens in the ‘increaseApproval’ function than you actually hold in your wallet. Even If the approved quantity is slightly more than the number of tokens you own, the function will throw an error, by design, to prevent you from receiving more tokens than you own.

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thanks for the reply, how to handle this,you mean this error caused by the wallet, but I used the wallet more than 200 times, this is the first error happened? Does you contract has any error? why only happened on the auction platform?