I just got scammed by a bounce auction

Bounce Admin,

I just got scammed for 5eth from a bounce auction for a token that was based on a complete lie/fraud. Twitter handles were changed, Medium posts fraudulent. It is a terrible feeling…

Is there any vesting or anything bounce can do to revert the transaction quickly??

Please anything will be appreciated.

A couple of others had the same experience. One person was scammed by telegram admin “Andy” after asking support: I got scammed by one of bounce admins

I’m afraid they think they can waive responsibility by claiming it’s “decentralized”, but I wonder how authorities in their jurisdiction think about that.

Ugh, that Dagr Scam was really well laid out… I hate that there is nothing bounce says they can do… This is terrible for the space and I will be staying away from bounce seeing how there is no protections for its users…

Please DON’T send ETH to any contract to “reverse” the transaction! At least one of the admins in the Bounce telegram group is a scammer himself, he may contact you and ask to send eth to some address to cancel the transaction…

Thanks for the warning… wow - this is just disgusting…

Hello @Gunner

The warning is actually somewhat given, see below.

Make sure to read this article first before investing: GUIDE: Scam Validation & what you can do!

Not true. People on Telegram are creating fake accounts that look a lot like those of the admins. This is how they get you to send them ETH. Remember, that NO ADMIN will ever ask you to send them Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

Read this article as well: GUIDE: Scam Validation & what you can do!

Created a feature request here regarding this, hope the devs/team sees it: Feature Request: Scam validation