I got scammed by one of bounce admins

hello guys as we have see bounce finance hosted kyra presale i lost 5.5 eth on that scam after i contacted one of bounce admins (andy) he scammed me 1 eth more.

my telegram handle = @stuborn2019


It looks like @andy is trying to get some ETH out of me as well. Is he not a bounce admin? He certainly acts like an admin and uses the official logo in the telegram

“Andy / Never pm for funds” (Botman007) is 100% a scammer. We have proof. He’s also an admin, so Bounce Finance has a serious problem.

Yes i just got scammed by him, i have screenshots as well with the transaction link, do not trust him
I was kicked out the group as well
I have more screenshots as well

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Yeah - got this andy guy on telegram trying to scam me too - wants me to send eth to revert transaction through a sub pool… so turned off by the crypto space… And the lack of moderation by the bounce team (both with auction prerequisites and telegram scammers)… What a shitty day

We’ve been trying to contact the people behind Bounce to warn about this Telegram admin; info@bounce.finance, tweeted, contacted partners on Twitter. It’s hard to get a response, not sure how trustworthy Bounce Platform is.

They’re chaning usernames, @Botman777, @botman008

hi You have to be careful, cheater too much

I’ve seen this topic on how the admin is a scammer.

First of all, for all you noobs:

  • Scammers create look alike profiles to make them seem legit
  • Scammers choose Telegram handles that are close to those of the admins
  • An admin NEVER sends you a private message FIRST.

Andy / Never pm for funds handle: @Botman_77 (also a f*cking stupid handle btw).

Scammer profiles:

  • Botman777
  • botman008

Honestly for those who trust strangers, it’s your loss. Don’t ever trust anyone. Verify first, never send ETH if requested over Telegram, Twitter or any other social media platforms.

To reduce scams, try to flag those accounts. Take the two profiles above, put a @ before the handle, find the accounts and flag them as spam accounts so they get blocked.

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