Hi - Members First, Not Profits // $2,50/day without deposits!

Just now a new blockchain startup hi.com has launched, which for marketing purposes of their new platform is giving away their cryptocurrency hi Dollars to every single user every day in today’s value of around $2,50. This is the conversion rate at launch. If the crypto market continues to move upward like this, I expect to see a significant change here as well.

The service is still in non-public beta, but you can become a member right now and collect your daily reward every day.

What is this all about?
Holding, receiving and sending cryptocurrencies in case you are not familiar with them has always been a problem for any non-IT person. This blockchain company is a new kind of bank that manages, receives and sends your money and cryptos completely without blockchain knowledge and for which all you need is a messenger.

Telegram is ready to go at launch, Whatsapp is currently still being tested and other messangers are in the works. This means that anyone can send money or cryptos to their friends quickly and easily via the common messangers alone (which I previously only knew from Japan from the messanger LINE). All this without any knowledge of cryptos, which sounds very interesting if you want to appeal to the large masses.

Is this one trustworthy?
The two founders of this startup are the ex-CEO of bitcoin(dot)com and ex-CMO of crypto(dot)com, which looks serious and promising, moreover ex-employees of Alibaba, Tencent and Morgan Stanley are also on board there.

How does it work?
You go to hi.com, enter a referral name and click on sign up via Telegram (later also WhatsApp and other messengers), then you answer what the chat bot asks you (currently still in English), among other things for your desired nickname and for your cell phone number. That’s it and from now on you can collect your daily reward.

If you use my name as a referral, you will get an additional 10 hi Dollars bonus at the start, there are no disadvantages. After registration you will get your own link generated, which you can share with your friends.

What do I have to do to get the daily reward?
It’s enough to go back to the chat with the bot in Telegram (and later in other messangers) and answer the daily question of the bot to get another 10 hi dollars every day.

If your invited friends pick up their rewards, they will get 10 hi Dollars every day and you for referring them through your link will retroactively get another 50% of that credited to your account every day. If your friends generate their link and spread it, you will also get 25% of it on your account. So it is worthwhile to spread your link and to animate others to pass on their link.

Another hint:
The hi bucks from the daily reward will be credited to your account, but will only be unlocked for withdrawal after a year - NO purchase on the platform is needed to unlock it.
That’s a bit of a drag time-wise, but that’s what they call customer acquisition these days.

Is there also a “normal” representation in the web of my finances?
Sure, the link in the bot chat will take you to their website where you can verify and log in using your mobile number. There, it then looks no different than other financial service providers, however, this feature is not yet unlocked and will only go live in the next few days.

Like in the old ICO days, you can still invest in the start-up here, but I’m not advertising that and only mentioning it in passing.

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