Hello we are TRADETOKEN™ Team

Hello. I can’t find your email address, so I’m sorry for leaving you a message all of a sudden. I sent you a Twitter DM, but it’s hard to contact you through it, so I’m leaving you a message via Telegram. I’m so sorry.

I happened to know your project and got a lot of interest, so I proceeded with Private Sale through Bounce app.

We are TRADETOKEN™ team that has been working on the blockchain trade finance project since last year.

As a matter of fact. We are aiming for a fully decentralized trade finance, and I think your team’s cooperation will be of great help later on in our goal, so I’m leaving this message to ask for cooperation.

It’s been about a month since we started investing in earnest, and so far, we’ve succeeded in raising more than $400,000 with investments from Pre-Sale through Bounce app and VC in Asia.

  • Bounce app #1.1 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/5151

  • Bounce app #1.2 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : /5367

  • Bounce app #1.3 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : /5374

  • Bounce app #1.4 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : /5441

  • Bounce app #2.1 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : /6480

  • Bounce app #2.2 TRADETOKEN Pre-Sale : /6590

Our plan includes a plan to increase the efficiency of trade finance by making Bill of Lading (B/L) NFT through the NFT process.

If we cooperate in the future, such as Bounce team’s NFT Auction technology, there will be a lot of synergy together.

If you could simply approve the cooperation (similar to the MOU), we would like to airdrop the $TRADE that we have deployed for strategic cooperation to Bounce team.

For more information on our project(WhitePaper is in our website), visit our Web page at https://tradetoken.net/

I’d appreciate it if you could give me an answer.

Best Regards,

TRADETOKEN™ Team leader, Joonyi Seo.

please reply back :slight_smile:

hello … you wanted him not to answer you! please answer … what’s up, how’s the trade going? I hope everything will be better. Do you have a gift for me profitable days?