Fixed Swap ETH-LINK scam...fake LINK

Sammed by fake ETH - LINK swap, lost 11 ETH - I’d like these back please. I have Etherscan as proof. This is still up after 2 days and continues to be advertised on Telegram.

Bounce Admins, please contact me for details and assistance.


I followed that link too… lost 1ETH. I would like this back too… I have etherscan proof

1 ETH lost because of this scam. Please let us know if it’s possible to get that ETH back.

Got scammed yesterday with 1ETH (100 LINK). It could not be transferred to Binance.
I reported it to Metamask as I have Ether-scan proof of the 2 transactions.

Have you got any responde/help ?


No respond or help yet. But I have etherscan proof too. Keep me updated.

I got scammed too, 1 ETH. Has anybody managed to get it back?

Same here. got scammed by this fake ETH - LINK swap.
Contract ID-

Did you get any reply from Bounce team?

please bounce give me my 3 ETH back.

how can we get our eth back? another scam, lost 1.13eth

I was also scammed for 9 eth. Same fake LINK.

I don’t know why bounce don’t take action. Maybe they are also involved.

Same with me!!! I lost only 0.5ETH but they are a lot for me and my family!

that’s insane…I have also lost 0.5ETH in this fake auction…it looks not a lot but it is for me and my family.
Please help!!!

We should spread the word that thi is a scam. Got ripped of 1 ETH. I was somehow lucky as I was about to swap 10 ETH…

Got ripped off 1.2 ETH es well today (, contract address 0x1d41df92b5542bed1ffb73252cb1c99fcfdf277f.

Isn’t there a way to stop this or follow the scammers???

Happened to me too.
I canceled my LINK transaction and reset the MetaMask Account.
Now I have 190 LINK back but I don’t know what to do next? Any ideas how I can redeem the LINK for some ETH back? What should I do with the LINK next?

i do the same with 1 eth could you do something to fix it?

Could you please tell me where did you find this “scam”? Was it the ad on youtube video or something else?

Would appreciate a response so I can avoid these things as well.


Any luck Mate? Im in exactly yhr same situation as u.