Feature Request: Scam validation

Feature Request
A much needed feature is the implementation of a scam validation on the Bounce Networks; both the decentralised and centralised platform.

Current Problem
Scammers are acting as sellers of existing tokens such as pre-sales, auctions, swaps, etc. This is mostly hard to see for new investors/buyers on the Bounce network.

I’ve already written a guide on scam validation on the Bounce network for those buying/bidding in the auction: GUIDE: Scam Validation & what you can do!

Hi Mick

I’m not involved with bounce yet because I always watch for a while to see the outcome of how things progress.

I have a couple of suggestions and wouldn’t mind a reward if you implement it. Wahahahaha

Ok my solution is quite simple. Even if a platform is decentralized and anonymous records are kept by the blockchain when the crypto currency is sent to the address so if you add a feature to your addresses that time stamps and provides a rating then you can track if a creator is a scammer or not by implementing a feature where people can give a trust rating. This feature is implemented in P2P transactions now. If the percentage is low because people have been scammed then you process your deals of exchange with another peer.

Why shouldn’t you be able to add this feature to bounce contracts?

  1. times stamp let’s the buyer verify when and if the contract was created for real.
  2. rating (this could be done on a wallet or a contract) would provide feed back from other peers interaction with such wallet or contract.

This mechanism is simple enough and make interacting with bounce easy.

Every contract created start with 100% rating and drops as the entity scams people out of their funds. Then when the percentage drops too low or to a certain set percentage the contract is closed.

The other more radical and final addition you can implement is an escrow type account. I don’t suggest this one but put it out there if you do want to tackle it.

  1. account (holds both the buyers and sellers funds and/or token say for a defined period then releases it to both sides.

In order to make Bounce a viable goto entity there has to be some type of safety net for people’s protection of assets. Not everyone interacting with crypto and blockchain is savvy to tracing and verifying between truth and false creation.

Adding a time stamp of creation let’s a peers know it was a real contract made thru Bounce and adding a rating to the contract let’s peers know the experience interacting with such contract, weather good or bad.

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