Eth to uni scam 1.2eth taken from me

This site did a swop and took my 1.2 eth over a years worth of savings and gave me 294 tokens with no value (Fake)and when I sent to my wallet they never arrive

Please refund me my eth and stop allowing scammers to steal our funds on this site.

Proof on etherscan


I also had 1.2 Eth stolen from me in the same manner. I was desperate to make some money for my 32yo Neice’s bucket list as she has only weeks to live. Thanks to your inaction to close these accounts and my being so gullible her last days on this world will be less than what they could be. I am speechless with the knowledge that these criminals are being harboured by Bounce, the same people we support. I have traced this scammer back to September of last year, I can’t believe that I am the only person who has complained about these scammers. Once the public trust is lost in Cryptocurrencies they will fizzle out and die. I want my money returned immediately please.

Proof on etherscan

The Scam: