Careful with auction, seems to be a fraud with many red flags

Hi all,

just giving you a heads up that the auction:
is probably a scam with many red flags


Starting from hard cap being removed to hoard more ETH, to not having a clue how will they burn 9% on every transaction on the CEX’s that they advertise that they will be listed on.

They say the 9% will be burned from their own supply but that doesnt make sense since 90% of the token is in circulation. When I pointed it out to them that 90% of the token is in circulation they said that the 9% on every transaction will be burned from unsold tokens, but thats also false since on their TG channel they announced that the unsold tokens will be burned after auction immediately.

Also Hotbit doesnt even know about this project and on website you can see the claim that they will be listed on Hotbit after launch.

Also you can find many other red flags on twitter.

Be careful and dont fall for the paid actors shilling it on twitter.