AUCTION Stake Process Fails... but MetaMask says otherwise

I have tried staking my AUCTION, twice where permissions need to be given on my MetaMask wallet and “gas” paid as a result. On both occasions MetaMask indicates that the transactions were successful, however indicates that they failed and to try again.

I read on another thread that staking a complete full amount of AUCTION works, which including partial AUCTION in a stake does not.

You can stake 50.0 AUCTION
You can not stake 50.123 AUCTION

I have tried it again, dropping of my decimal amounts and staking has worked.

Before reading this thread (hindsight is 20/20) I made the mistake of trying to stake. Even number of tokens. (Max) No decimal place. Paid gas fees twice on metamask. $20.00 each time. Metamask goes through but nothing staked. What gives guys???

Today I made a third attempt at staking. Successful transaction on etherscan. No tokens staked. Any devs reading this?