Auction / ETH LP Staking Error - Feedback appreciated

Dear Community,
Dear Bounce.Finance Devs,

Yesterday I joined your Auction / ETH LP - Pool, to Stake LPs under the EARN Section:

I created the right LP pair to start Staking on your plattform.
the LP Token Pair is shown in my Metamask and I can manage the Pool on Uniswap.

When I connect to your platform, the LPs is not shown.
I can’t stake them - Can you please let me know if your platform is having a bug here?

Please see the pictures attached.

Thanks in advance

The LP is already shown online:

15 hours ago…

Dear Admins, Dear Community,

Isn’t Bounce Finance active, or what’s going on here?

Hey @CrazyCrypto,

you could try to open the inspector and if any errors are thrown, paste a screenshot here as well. This should help the developers in case it’s a bug.

All the best